A long time ago I retired my Intel build, just because I wanted something new. So I went AMD with it, and so far so good. can run 6-10 Clients but at 6+ the lag sets in, and computer slows down a bit.
I use to be a big fan of dedicating processors to certain cores through the affinity on your computer through Task Manager, but got tired of it quickly.

So, now I'm looking to build another computer, probably back to Intel!
I'd like to know your Specs of your computer and how many clients you top out at before hitting the lag barrier!

(Quickest way to find Specs: Right Click "Computer" from start Menu >>>Properties>>>)

OS Rating : 5.9
Processor : AMD A6-3670 APU with radeon(tm) HD Graphics 2.70Ghz
Installed memory (RAM) : 16.0 GB
System Type : 64-bit (Windows 7 Ultimate)
Clients able to run : 6-10 Tibias + iBots.

Looking forward to your replies my friends, and looking forward to my next intel build!