Hello , okay ? My name is Rafael .

Let's get to what interests ...

I see several people on this forum of League of Legends players .
To that end I thought " I can sell tutorial drop by kk 's ."
Well , that is what you understand , teach the drop matches of League of Legends (used to climb tier ) .

<Perguntas And Respostas>
Rafael , what is the use of " drophack " ?
A: Well , drophack will not win for you, will only make your departure we would lose the short history , making you never miss .
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Rafael , can lead ban ?
A: No , it is impossible to carry ban using the " drophack " , unless u use excessively , causing your ELO skyrocket , thus making them riotes off.
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Rafael , I get to test it to see if it is really true ?
A: No , I just ask for you to enter the game, break down for you.
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Rafael accepts money in rl ?
A: No , only in kk 's world tibia NON - PVP

I will prove to you that is no lie, falls through . And show my stats in wins LolKing .

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