Welcome. I have a problem in one of the scripts. When the charge runs SB PH stands on a ship and not write "HI VENORE YES". When I do it manually it will charge and will return back to PH and exp. I found a script suitable for a ruler but do not know much about it and do not know what is wrong.

Stand 32529 32784 6
Action 32529 32784 6 if islocation(2) then;reachcreature("Charles");wait(1000);say("hi") ;wait(500);npcsay("venore");wait(500);npcsay("yes" );else;else;gotolabel("p3");end;;;;
Action 32954 32023 6 if islocation(2) then;return;else;else;gotolabel("tr_veno");end;;;
This script http://www.tibiaibot.com/forum/showt...l=1#post186389