First of all, I know I'm sux on paint :P

I'm selling my character on non-pvp, with a lot of outfits and acess to every place, free acess to wz 1, 2, 3. Demon task started. It has mlvl 84 without any equips. It goes with the equips on the screen.

I want 25kk on opt-pvp for it. It's cheap, cause you will get the item from demon oak (+-12kk). I wasted a lot in achiev~ (I have 330 points~) and in outfits and mounts. It's a really nice char to play. This char is fully mine. I can proof that I'm trustable. I don't want to do it with middleman because I need this money ASAP cause I want to buy an ED with a higher level.

Take a look on the screen:

I took most of the levels with my hands, so as you can see it's not a 100% botted char like some chars that are to sell on forum. It goes with a scroll to 1 month premmy + equips.

If you want it, just say here or send me a msg on forum.

Thank you!