I'll start with be not being so good at using IBOT as many of u is.
I haved used it for quite some time, but lets get to the case.
I have the latest version of ibot.
I've put my tibia resolution to the highest one availabe - 1680 or so.
I've put latest SITMATE library in the library folder.

I downloaded a free script from the list posted on forum.
I put all the backpacks in the same order and used the same colours as shown on the instruction.

When I start cavebot,actions it simply doesnt open any bp, not even to check if there are supplies or something.
Bot just goes to NPC saying nothing ( NPC window opened ), and when gets to the point where he should open bp ( to get shovel) again doesnt do it.
It looks like he just skips waypoints where he should open bp, check the supplies and softs if any of these need refill and goes further.

It might be a small problem but as I said i havent used IBOT for some time and i'd be gratefull for some help.