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Thread: Trade a level 129 ED on NONPVP (for WOW account or other) (edited)

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    Trade a level 129 ED on NONPVP (for WOW account or other) (edited)

    To start I know I'm new here (don't bot/never have but was never opposed to it) and have never traded and am untrusted but there's really nothing I can do to gain trust to try and sell my character . I can promise I won't scam though and if the buyer is a well trusted person around here with other trusted people to vouch for them I'll even give first.

    First the main on the account is a level 129 ED on an opt pvp server magic level 70 with no eqps. The character comes more or less naked some random junk in dps and a small bit of cash.

    There is also a pally on the account level 57 magic level 14 base skills 98/88 also naked.

    EK level 55 m lvl 4 base skills 77 (sword) 62 (club)/73 (shielding) ofc naked.

    Some other random characters that I can delete or leave on for you to delete. I no longer have the RK lost it long ago, if you are a serious buyer and people vouch for you I can order a new one and give it to you before we trade (will take some time and you will have to wait until I get paid).

    I am looking for a decent WoW account, will accept paypal if you wish to buy with cash though I'd prefer WoW. Will also accept WoW gold/items.

    Sorry again that I'm new and can't really gain trust before it's time for me to sell it lol. Like I said never botted so didn't really have a need to post or do anything here before but selling Tibia accounts on ebay nowadays seems just about impossible.

    Edit: Can get a pair of soft boots (which I can give or sell for cash first then give you the cash) for WoW gold.
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