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Thread: Sell rp 300 on no pvp, transferable!

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    Sell rp 300 on no pvp, transferable!

    Vocation: Royal Paladin
    Level: 301
    Skill: 118/95
    Magic Level: 30
    Addons: , Elementalist, Norseman, Crystal Warlord, Nobleman, Summonner (female), wizard.
    Mounts: Excepet Midnight Panther, Crustacea and Dragonling. (Have all)
    Set: Intermediary set.

    Price: 30kk or Negoatiable.

    I Have referrence on ibot forum.

    Thanks you.

    Send Private message, with you contact skype.

    Acepet: Daniel Hatano (Daylize.)
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    You need a middleman? Contact for Private Message and i say the price of the service.
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