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Thread: Leveling Services By Wierz

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    Leveling Services By Wierz

    Hello everyone, today me and my buddy got an idea about starting a new "project".
    Infact, our idea was to level up characters to level 8, 20, 30, 50 and then sell them.
    We would start of with mostly level 8(worry) on every world, but ofcourse if you would like something else we can do it for you.
    We will start of as fast as we get some positive response and maybe some requests?
    All the accounts come unregistered, and with the original email.
    Dont really have more to say, as this is just a interest check.

    Happy to hear from you soon,

    We also do a leveling service. Msg me to know more information

    If you want to know more add me on skype: Wierz19
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