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Thread: Botting Service

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    Botting Service

    Im taking characters for bot!
    Right now im botting 250 ed in souleaters, 300 ek in deeplings, 245 rp in lizard chosens and 100 ek coryms, and im taking more characters for FREE.
    If people think im scamming and trying to get eq/cash, then think so. You can make the char empty if you want to.

    Why do i bot others character for free?
    Because im taking the profit, holding the bank balance on a stable amount, then taking the overflow!

    Im taking any character on any PVP world, the only requirements is that you have Premium Account!
    I prefer RPs/EKs
    My computer is on 24/7.

    Please dont call me scammer, if you have not "tested"

    EDIT: Also buying rps/eks on open pvp, 60 - 100 cheap =)

    Send Email to "" with your World, Level, Vocation
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