Bem, acabei de efetivar uma compra de 1 EK e portanto quero me livrar dessas 2 contas para não ter que ficar renovando p.a. em chars que não jogo mais e também porque quero pegar 400. Bem vamos lá.


Well, I bought an EK to me and now I want sell this 2 account because I don't want waste my money buying p.a. to 2 characters that I don't use anymore, also I want 400 on my EK.


Level: 279
Vocation: RP
Skills/ml: 110/95 ml 32
Transferable? in 3 months but the world is dominated, so you can hunt in everywhere
Addons: just a few, the best is Barbarian
Mounts: this character have a LOT of mounts, some rare like Titanica and Draptor
Voucher: finish 26/04

Informations: I have all access in this character, also I started Demon Task and I already killed 2500/6666 so finishing that you will receive an item of 10kk.

Price? R$ 700,00 or 30kk


LeveL: 137
Vocation: ED
Ml: 70
Transferable? Yes
Addons: Don't have addons
Mounts: just panda
Voucher: finish 24/04

Informations: This character have all quest to do, I just made access to Yalahar and Goroma SS.

Price? R$ 200,00 I don't accept KK

I accept midleman if you don't trust me ^^