Hello all,

I'm interested in selling my account for some coins and bills, I'm not interested in Tibia cash because I'm going out of this game. The reason is that I spend about 8 or 9 years on Tibia, and you know, everybody grows up and now I have not the time I use to have when I was a child. I manual played everytime except the last 2 months (currently I have played 45 minutes on this month by Pskonejott). I botted the RP since lvl 173 to lvl 193, EK since lvl 50 or so, to lvl 118, ED have never been botted. I had a Life Thread on a promoted fansite if u want to see pics of me playing manually. The ACC currently have 0 premmy days nor double exp.

Now I have to go, when I come back I will BUMP this thread with more info (mounts, addons, quests, pics...)