I am in need of some money irl. Therefore I have decided to sell one of my tibia accounts containing the following:

270] Royal Paladin.
Full Assassin, Full Summoner, Full Warrior mfl.
Magma crawler, Blazebringer, black sheep, War horse, Ursagodon mfl.
100/6666 Demons killed.
Access everywhere, and free entry to both Warzone 1, 2 and 3.

[270] Master Sorcerer.
Magic level 97 (Med EQ)
Full barbarian, Full hunter and more.
Ursagodon, Wailing Widdow, Slug.
No Demon oak & WotE

[180] Elder Druid.
Magic level 73 (Utan EQ)
Full Nightmare and more.

I got some pk/skillchars also on the same account: [80 ED Aurora], [45 EK 105/100 Aurora] [50 RP Nova 97/92] [50 RP Premia 95/90] [10 RP Inferna 94/90]

All these characters is in the same account.
I can tibia cast and send pictures to the person who is interested.
Middleman will be used from this forum.

Accepting offers currently, and I need to sell it fast.

pm for more info or pics