[Updated 21 July 2014]

For a better use of this forum, we created the rules below. They apply to all users, it is necessary to know them and obey them. We also emphasize that the violation of these rules may result in the suspension or until the banishment of their access to the forum.
It is important that you check our rules frequently, because we can change them without notice whenever we feel necessary.
If in doubt, consult a Member of the Forum team.

Activities Forum
  • All members have the right to express their opinion also, since they do not offend the integrity of other members.
  • The forum topics must maintain line of reasoning toward the original purpose of the topic.
  • Members have the obligation and right to ensure the smooth running of the forum and avoid creating confusion and disrupt the discussions.
  • Members have a duty not to flood the topics, as this hinders the smooth running of the forum. Flooding means posting messages with no content for the sole purpose of increasing their posts and / or disrupt the forum.
  • It is the obligation of the moderators act energetically moderating the forum posts. However should always be a priority common sense and ethical in their actions conducted by the Board.
  • The Board disclaims any content posted by third parties on the forum that can bring harm to your computer or your person.
  • The forum is free of any commercial transaction carried out by third parties that may bring damage to your computer or your person.
  • If there is a successful or unsuccessful negotiation, a post talking about a particular seller may be created. Occur when the purchase be a negative experience, the topic should be as respectful as possible and the other person should have the right of reply. After that, the moderators will take appropriate measures.

  • It is forbidden to use profanity and profanity forum.
  • It is prohibited to use the forum for commercial purposes, doing advertisements for items to buy and / or sell without permission of the administration. (Rule facing Section Scripts and ChatBox)
  • It is prohibited to use the forum to promote other sites without prior written permission from administration.
  • posting pornographic information, whether in the form of links, pictures, avatars and obscene texts is prohibited.
  • post information about other Bot is prohibited.
  • resurrect threads when the last post it is 30 days or more reasons; Facilitators should assess if common sense was needed or add information on resuscitation.

Warnings, Suspensions and Bans
The member who disrespect the forum rules by First will be warned by moderators.
The member who break the rules of the forum for the second time will be suspended by the moderators; Depending on the severity of the rule broken by the member it could be banned from the forum.
The member who break the rules of the forum for the third time will be banned permanently from the forum administrators.
Cases of omissions will be studied by administrators and moderators.

  • This is a private, not public space, therefore, participate in it is a way to help anyone who uses the iBot. The right to use it, implies the duty to use it as best we can within the rules described here.
  • You are responsible for all Content that you post on the forum. By posting you authorize us to publish your post on our forum.
  • The TibiaIBOT is not responsible for the content of the messages posted on their forum and therefore does not offer any guarantee for the same.
  • Moderators can take whatever action is necessary to contain fights and discussions that happen on the forum even when they do not violate any specific rule. The TibiaIBOT reserves the right to remove any thread or forum posting without notice, for any reason.
  • The opinion of the participants, assistants and moderators of the forum do not necessarily reflect the opinion of TibiaIBOT.
  • If you have forgotten your password, use the "forgot my password" feature to receive a new password by e-mail.
  • The decision of a moderator to delete or edit a post, even if it does not go against any of the rules described below, is considered correct if approved by the administration.
  • The rules will change without notice, but no punishment can be applied retroactively. In other words, the rules apply, but can not be followed any kind of punishment if the delinquent act occurred before its creation.
  • The Administration is committed to registering any change in this topic.

Behavior forum
  • The user should avoid as much posting useless messages like "I Agree", "I think so", "Thanks", among others.
  • Avoid "resurrect" very old threads, unless this is done extremely necessary. It is preferable, in most cases, create a new topic or hope that the author does raise the topic before proceeding to it.
  • The forum is no place for personal discussions. Personal discussions will be removed immediately and the users involved can be punished.
  • Offences of any kind are not permitted. If you have a problem with any user, contact moderation.
  • Profanity are not allowed because they can be understood incorrectly and generate discussions.
  • Any claim relating to the website should be sent to the staff at the site and should not be posted in the forum.
  • Do not make public comments about the improper behavior of a certain user or attempt to behave as moderator. No problem, let moderation.
  • Use good judgment in choosing the format for the messages (color, font, size, bold, italic, underline).
  • Avoid using a color other than the default in the text of your messages. The use of other colors, especially around the text difficult to read and may even make it unreadable for some users, depending on your monitor settings and the existence of eye problems. Use the colors and formatting features only when you highlight a word or part of text, ever in every post.
  • Messages in ALL CAPS may be edited without notice. Uppercase equivalent of SHOUTING and therefore are considered a lack of respect for the other participants of the forum.
  • Never belittle other forum members just because they know less than you.
  • Do not give wrong or misleading information. Answer only if you really know the subject or have something really important to add to the discussion.

Posting and Prohibited Content
Posts requesting cracks are not allowed. Posts containing ed2k links, torrents, magnet or any other means allowing full or partial access to any protected content are not allowed.
Advertisements and spam. About post messages in ChatBox about marketing, advertisements in general (tenants) and other issues of the genre may be banned without notice.
Posting messages or creating links possessing pornography and any malicious content, including "jokes", viruses, spyware programs is not allowed.
Any type of flood. In other words, you may not post the same message twice or topic. Any additional copy of the message will be removed without warning.
Posting figures that violate any of the other rules of the forum is not allowed.

About moderation
The moderating team can be contacted at any time.
The Report button should only be used for reporting posts which violated forum rules, which are misplaced or need anyway, the attention of moderation. Do not send queries through this feature.
If any member offended you via private messages, contact the moderation of the forum. Keep a copy of the message in your inbox, because it will be analyzed later by the administration.
In pre-moderated forums, a moderator will review all the topics before they are posted, to avoid topics that are not interesting, possessing false information being duplicated or violate other rules of the forum.
Moderators can apply multiple punishments users who break the rules, including pre-moderation on all posts and account suspension. If you believe he was the victim of abuse, contact the site administration.