Characters on account:
*270 Knight
Skills - 106/102
Magic lvl - 10
World - Azura
Transferable - Yes
Outfits: full warrior, full barbarian, full oriental, full citizen, full nobleman, full druid, full beggar, full afflicted
Mounts: Draptor, Blazebringer, Stampor, War Horse, Water Buffalo, Dromedary, Kingly Deer, Donkey, Panda, Tiger Snail

*40paladin (skills 102/92) - azura
Outfits: Full assassin
Mounts: Widow Queen

*89 knight (skills 101/94) - azura
*48 druid (magic lvl 58) - azura
*91 sorc (magic lvl 71) - isara

~~Account got 3days voucher.
~~Characters dont have any warnings and quests like poi, inq, wrath.
~~Im waiting for offers, id highly prefer RL cash but I will still accept gps if you make a good offer.