Heya anyone.

Since I didn't play for quiet some months and do not consider comming back to tibia I finally decided to sell 2 of my 3 accounts.
I hope to see a good offer for it, then you'll have a clean deal.

I didn't sell or buy anything for tibia yet, so there's none who can verify me as a "safe trader". Both accounts are neutral but got their names on the servers. As written, the chars haven't been played for quiet a long time.

The RP still got it's voucher. Both accounts got a clean criminal record and are transferable.

RPs Skills are 110/94 with ml 28.
EKs Skills are 116/110 with ml 11, 5% left to ml 12.

Incase someone's interested feel free to contact me with a SERIOUS offer. I'm pretty busy irl these days so the answer might take 2-3 days, but I'll try to check my inbox as often as possible.

RL Cash only!