As title says I'm selling x3 accounts on aurora

1st acc: 330~EK, 260+ RP(Demon task started, cant remember how many killed but 1k+ atleast), 230+ MS(demon task started, 0 killed) and noob char on aurora/hiberna

2nd acc: 260+EK, 250~ RP, 3300+ demons killed, 140+ ms, 120~ek. Also with noob chars on hiberna

3rd acc: 350~ ED with 1100+ demons killed, 220+ RP, 140+ EK, 120+ MS, 80~ MS and noob chars on aurora/hiberna (150ed on hiberna).

These accounts come empty but ofcouse I can throw in kk's if you want but will cost a bit.

You can reach me at skype - bigfatrobin

I have other ppl that bought from me before but they ain't iBot users so cant type their names here, msg on skype for that info aswell

PS Also selling some few kk's