As thread name says I have got available two wow accs and one wod key in exchange for tibia gold.
Boths accs can with my data (one is on my sis) I can provide IDs so acc will be fully urs.

1 acc:
90 lvl warrior the malestorm server,
boosted char so regular boosted set come along with + 1k gold
upgraded to WoD !!!
(this one is on my sis i get it as birthday gift from her, but i am not really into wow anymore)
Subscrption paid to 06/10/14

It worth an about ~ 55eur in total if you'd buy it for urself (including wod key)

2 acc:
80lvl paladin burning legion server
boosted char so regular boosted set come along with (it has been boosted thanks to SoR)
upgraded to cataclysm

this one worth like 25eur

I sell them both for 40 eur so I consider it as a really great promo, the sooner u get it the better for u (as theres subscription paid on 1st acc)

I accept 40eur cash or 10kk tibia gold or 5 premium scrolls. Can take GW2 key as well as I never tried it before

sadly wow is not for me and i guess GW2 wont be either i am just too tibia addicted.

we can use middleman if you will pay for it.