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Thread: 93ms and 83ek on aurora for CSGO skins or EUROS - CHEAP!!

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    93ms and 83ek on aurora for CSGO skins or EUROS - CHEAP!!

    Hi i wanna change my tibia account for some skins on counter strike global offensive.
    Both characters are on the same account and both are very well geared.
    The MS got some quests done but not much, not poi etc but got full new frontier.
    The EK got none quest done.

    The EK got Zaoan helmet, Yalahari Armor, Mastermind Shield, Magic sword, Dwarven legs and boh + 300k pure cash and full citizen outfit.
    The MS got Yalahari helmet, demon armor, Mastermind shield, wand of defiance, magic sword, boh, softboots, dwarven legs, kosheis amulet, full hunter outfit, stampor mount and 250k pure cash.

    Write ur offers and ill answer!
    I can tibia cast for you if you are interesed.
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