Random Word Shout

Description: It will make character say listed words on a random order.

How to add it to your script:
  1. Create a new action on Actions > List.
  2. Copy/Paste action code.
  3. Set SpamRate to 1000.
  4. Enable.

Action Code:
Lua Code:
Name: Random Word Shout by BlakW
Version: 1.0.0
--List of words to shout:
randomWordTable = {"run run","haha","nice",": )","spartaaaa","hey hey","sup?","tha best","beast bro","uahuah"}
function tablelength(T)
  local count = 0
  for _ in pairs(T) do count = count + 1 end
  return count
function randomWord(x)
    local r = math.random(1, tablelength(randomWordTable))
    return x[r]
wait(60000*2, 60000*5) --time randomizer