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Thread: Selling league of legends account cheap! paypal!

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    Selling league of legends account cheap! paypal!

    selling my lol account!
    Server: North America
    Rank : silver

    Looking for

    elophant skin link- :

    Total skins: Midnight ahri, foxfire ahri, crimson akali, unchained alistar, pharaoh amumu, little knight amumu, sad robot amumu,
    noxus hunter anivia, hextech anivia, reverse annie, amethyst ashe, boom boom blitzcrank, vandal brand, zombie brand, resistance caitlyn,
    safari caitlyn, arctic warfare caitlyn, desperada cassiopeia, jurassic cho'gath, battlecast prime cho'gath, red baron corki, hot rod corki,
    lord darius, bioforge darius, Mr. mundoverse, executioner mundo, soul reaver draven, victorious elise, shadow evelynn, frosted ezreal,
    pulsefire ezreal, pumpkinhead fiddlesticks, nightraven fiora, tundra fizz, spooky gangplank, special forces gangplank, dreadknight garen,
    vandal gragas, hired gun graves, jailbreak graves, pool party graves, reaper hecarim, nightblade irelia, frostblade irelia, darkforge jarvan iv,
    warring kingdoms jarvan iv, jaximus, temple jax, debonair jayce, traditional karma, phantom karthus, pentakill karthus, pre-void kassadin,
    judgment kayle, arctic ops kennen, mecha kha'zix, jurassic kog'maw, traditional lee sin, pool party lee sin, valkyrie leona, iron solari leona,
    wicked lulu, sorceress lux, obsidian malphite, glacial malphite, overlord malzahar, totemic maokai, haunted maokai, assassin master yi,
    Ionia master yi, cowgirl miss fortune, galactic nasus, abyssal nautilus, snow bunny nidalee, leopard nidalee, bewitching nidalee,
    haunting nocturne, eternum nocturne, demolisher nunu, glacial olaf, pentakill olaf, bladecraft orianna, myrmidon pantheon, perseus pantheon,
    glaive warrior pantheon, noxus poppy, battle regalia poppy, scarlet hammer poppy, freljord rammus, bloodfury renekton, pool party renekton,
    headhunter rengar, redeemed riven, battle bunny riven, rumble in the jungle, dark crystal ryze, pirate ryze, traditional sejuani, workshop shaco,
    frozen shen, warlord shen, darkflame shyvana, surfer singed, warmonger sion, earthrune skarner, arcade sona, divine soraka, tyrant swain,
    justicar syndra, dragonblade talon, bloodstone taric, recon teemo, badger teemo, astronaut teemo, cottontail teemo, super teemo, panda teemo,
    riot girl tristana, firefighter tristana, buccaneer tristana, rocket girl tristana, lil' slugger trundle, traditional trundle, viking tryndamere, sultan tryndamere,
    tango twisted fate, gangster twitch, primal udyr, blight crystal varus, arclight varus, dragonslayer vayne, heartseeker vayne, leprechaun veigar,
    thunder lord volibear, tundra hunter warwick, hyena warwick, battlecast xerath, viscero xin zhao, shockblade zed, snow day ziggs, wildfire zyra.

    As you can see there is many legendary skins and limited skins. Gold reward skin season 3 is there aswell, victorious elise.


    This is the icons the account got: Spiteful Specter, Baleful Grasp, Death mask, Deadfall Treant, Tomb Angel, Spirit of the Altar, pulsefire ezreal icon,
    Holiday nashor, Reindeer Urf, Trimmed Turret, Holiday Shopkeeper, Stocking Blades, Doran's Wreath, Bad Gingerbread Veigar,
    Slay Belle Surprise, silver icon, gold icon season 3. Also got the icon they gave you if u had a rare skin that shouldnt have
    come back but did (its a rare icon).

    Got gold icon and gold banner on loading screen.


    Champions: Just missing one and that's Zac

    Rune pages: 12

    Wards: bat-o-lantern ward, season 3 victorious ward

    Account is silver right now~
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