Hello, i'm paLLomo, from chile. I have been trading here since 2012.
As the title says, i'm selling a 166 ED located on Zanera
Account has a lvl 78 with full pirate, good skills
Comes with 240k + Gill set
Character transferable, no criminal record, no RK (lost it on 2010 and never requested a new one)
I wont go first. I have a good reputation and people who can vouche for me. Also i have done plenty of trades here, and also on XB and WB
I do accept middleman, but fee on your side, and on a higher price, since it doesnt have sense to wait 37+ days for a couple of kk's
Character has 5 days of voucher

Witouth middleman: 8kk's on Danera or 9kk on anny USA Pvp world.
With middleman: 11kk's on Danera or 12kk on anny USA Pvp world

Feel free to pm me