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Thread: Sell 114 MS Antica [free account now]

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    Sell 114 MS Antica [free account now]

    Selling this character.

    - Botted from 1~114
    - It's registered
    - Soon more info (pics, ML, items)

    <<-- it's not the same character*

    I accept gold in Eldera or Real cash
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    Im not a professional scripter, I just make my own scripts for my chars (Mage and Knight) and then I release it after using.
    If you want an exclusive script you can talk to me, but its quite restrict because I'm just starting again (low level chars). If it's easy I can do it for you for free, if not, we can talk.

    All my scripts are based in other's actions. I didnt know how to sell items, then I looked into ppl scripts and learned. Thats my method.
    Untill now I owe thanks to: @Eli @Drakke @BlaBlaBla @Isaacbf for teaching me in direct and indirect ways.
    HUD's that I've used till now: @BlaBlaBla and @Eli

    Latest scripts / Últimos scripts

    † Scripts coming soon †

    [MS] Edron Earth Elemental 33+ (exp) = [100%- Just wait me to leave that spot]
    [EK] Svargrond Barbarians North Camp (profitable) = [100%- Just wait me to leave that spot]
    [EK] Svargrond Barbarians South Camp (profitable) = 0%
    • And more...

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