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Thread: HOW TO AVOID A SCAM VIA SKYPE! Check how to check!

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    HOW TO AVOID A SCAM VIA SKYPE! Check how to check!

    Hello. Today I've decided to make a small tutorial how to check someones skype properly. There are many scammers predenting to be some known peoples like @smeg; , @Mentoll; , @koksik22; and many others. I dont want to paste all the nicks because it is really a large list. The best way is to pm someone on the forums to confirm if you are talking to him on skype. Let me introduce my small tutorial

    Firstly we seach for a good deal for us :

    As we can know it is easier and better to contact via skype, so we have to find information what is the skype nick.

    Here we go :

    Now we want to add this guy so I give the nick :

    As you can see there are many mentolls over the skype so how to check which one is the guy? Well, the best way is to copy the nickname "Mentoll6" in this case and search for it. I gave only "Mentoll" just to make it more clarify.
    Now we think it is the correct one so we check the profile:

    If the Skype is exacly the same as the nick on the forums you contact the right guy!

    There may be a situation that you add someone already and keep talking with him but you are not sure if it is the correct skype. Like you can see marcin, but not mentoll6. You just have to click here:

    And the information about profile will pop up same as before:

    How people usually try to scam? They make similar skypes for example

    Mentolll6 instead Mentoll6

    Mentoll.6 instead Mentoll6

    .smegtibia instead smegtibia

    And many other things to make thier nick almost the same.

    I hope it will help someone.

    @Drakke; @Solaris; @Eli;

    Maybe it is worth to stick it up
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