I have an account with these characters with 31 days of premium account!! The account is registred
The price is NEGOTIABLE and the payment method too

First char:
-Vocation: EK
-Level: 161
-Skills: 90/75
-Criminal Record: No
-Transferable: Yes
-EQ: Yes
-Balance: 700k
-Extra: Blood brothers (mission 4), Children's of revolution, In service of yalahar, POI, Inquistion, 42 points of tasks, access to deeper banuta and the tunnel, Rashid and Blue djinn, The new frontier quest, Postman quest and WOTE done.

Second char
-Vocation: MS
-Level: 148
-Skills: ML 73
-Criminal Record: No
-Transferable: Yes
-EQ: Yes
-Balance: 200k
-Extra: Children of revolution quest, In service of yalahar, Access to deeper banuta with the tunnel, Inquisition, POI, The new frontier, Wrath of emperor (left the 2 last quests for the reward).

Third char
-Vocation: RP
-Level: 84
-Skills: 96/85
-Criminal Record: No
-Transferable: Yes
-EQ: No
-Balance: 0k
-Extra: Access to yalahar, 8 points of tasks, the new frontier, In service of yalahar left the final batlle and POI done.