hello guys, i know it's possible but dont remember how, a long time ago i made some script and there was the best action ever for paladins (in my opinion, so i need an action to when royal spears (or another ammo) = 0 change target for "no", put character's status on 'full def' and gotolabel x plus utani hur in the first activation, can some1 help? idk what i did wrong but my character didnt set target off and dont put in full def, this action is essencial for any full afk paladin scripts i guess, because sometimes you're unlucky and ur spears or another ammo just disappear in few hits, in my case i hunt in places that have a long way back and happaned 2 times to spears get over while character leaving, if it happens when afk its gonna be an easy and stupid death, so help plss )