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Thread: Level 70-80 EK (Tibia Cash only)

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    Level 70-80 EK (Tibia Cash only)

    Buying an EK anywhere from level 70-80 (may accept a bit lower or higher depending on how much you want for it) on OPT PVP may consider Open PVP, depends on the price wanted.

    Only have cash on Fidera

    Level 70 EK [FACC] - 600k [PACC] 750k
    Level 80 EK [FACC]- 800k [PACC] 1.1kk

    Private message me or post here if you're interested or want to make a different offer. If the EK is between level 70 and 80 PM me so we can talk exact amounts for it. PACC amount must be a minimum of 20 days, [disclaimer]if the account has a lot of PACC time I probably won't pay more, depends on how much you're asking for it.

    I'm new to botting/IBot so I don't have any rep here so we can use a (trusted on here) middle man or someway that is less risky for the seller.

    Perm final warning
    Must not be registered OR must include RK
    Must not have been botted for at least 4 months.
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