Almost all Champions , but dont have : Kalista/ Ekko/Brand/ Reksai/ Zyra/ Nami
6500 Ip on account
5 rune page and lot of runes for all lanes.

Skins :

Matador Alistar
Unchained Alistar
Pharaoh Amumu
Bird of Prey Anivia
Fisherman Fizz
Minuteman Gangplank
Traditional Karma
Judgment Kayle
Valkyrie Leona
Assassin Master Yi
Victorious Morgana
Pharaoh Nasus
Abyssal Nautilus
Frozen Terror Nocturne
Demolisher Nunu
Glaive Warrior Pantheon
Professor Ryze
Surgeon Shen
Hextech Singed
Hextech Sion
Bandit Sivir
Riot Girl Tristana
Buccaneer Tristana
Traditional Trundle
Tango Twisted Fate
Gangster Twitch
Aristocrat Vayne
Veigar Greybeard
Runeborn Xerath
Commando Xin Zhao

I would like to trade this account for GP on Harmonia. I prefer tibia then Lol.