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Thread: Very important NEOGOLD SCAMMER (with SS)

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    Very important NEOGOLD SCAMMER (with SS)

    Wednsday 17 june 2015 I decided to purchase a level 573 EK with feru hat + full voucher from
    We agreed on a price of 1350 dollar, whom I sent 853 dollar to begin with and after that I've gotten access to the account I was supposed to send him the rest.

    Today 28 june 2015 the money still "didn't arrive" to him, but since i sent it via banktransfer within EUROPE it should take max 1 week.

    Anyway, I opened a live chat with him and asked if this EK still was avaible for buy and he said yes. It's weird cuz if it were true that he didn't receive this money and he knows that i've sent it, why still market this EK at all?
    And also I read about another case where he was accused of taking screenshots on a polish trading site called Allegro ( and this is on his own site (
    When I asked him how it comes that this account is on Allegro aswell, he responded by saying that they are trying to sell it as fast as possible, but watch how the price varies on the account between Allegro and his site. ALSO this account is on tibiastore (

    Print screen where he says the EK I purchased is still avaible:
    Print screen where he says they're trying to sell it everywhere:

    [2015-06-17 11:24:06] Neo-Gold Customer Support: Ok, Hopefully it will comes before weekend.
    [2015-06-17 11:24:14] Tjena: its not possible that i get account now
    [2015-06-17 11:24:18] Tjena: cuz its impossible to cancel it now
    [2015-06-17 11:24:27] Tjena: i can send u print screen or share
    [2015-06-17 11:24:30] Neo-Gold Customer Support: Im sorry I need to get at least t hat 850usd
    [2015-06-17 11:24:36] Tjena: ok
    [2015-06-17 11:24:38] Tjena: can u show me char now?
    [2015-06-17 11:24:45] Tjena: atleast
    [2015-06-17 11:26:46] Neo-Gold Customer Support: This transfer can even not go through.
    [2015-06-17 11:26:51] Neo-Gold Customer Support: Like WU transfer before.
    [2015-06-17 11:26:54] Neo-Gold Customer Support: Be patient please

    [2015-06-19 13:10:41] Tjena: this cash arrived?
    [2015-06-19 13:10:45] Neo-Gold Customer Support: no

    [2015-06-22 15:09:17] Tjena: checked if cash arrived?
    [2015-06-22 15:09:40] Neo-Gold Customer Support: Hey, nothing yet

    This part is funnier

    [2015-06-23 15:08:29] Tjena: u can call your bank?
    [2015-06-23 15:08:39] Tjena: i called mine and they said its sent
    [2015-06-23 15:19:45] Tjena: ??
    [2015-06-23 15:29:43] Neo-Gold Customer Support: It sent but not arrived yet.

    [2015-06-24 16:34:52] Tjena: The cash must have arrived by now
    [2015-06-24 16:38:33] Neo-Gold Customer Support: Hey, sorry because of no answer. I wasnt here all the time. I just checked and it didnt come yet. I have called my bank and they said they had no info about that transfer yet. They also said it might take week or even two weeks to come sometimes. But if You guys want You can pay the rest so You will get confirmation keys faster.

    Then something happend, after this msg I started to doubt that he's trustyworthy and he stopped msging me as frequently as before which makes me think that it was at this time that the cash had arrived to him.

    [2015-06-25 13:45:05] Neo-Gold Customer Support: Hi <contact> !

    Check our new stock please! 573ek with Ferumbrass Hat or 480ed! Both Open PvP!
    Big sellout which You can not miss!

    Talk to us for more information now!

    As you see, two days without any response for him and this is the first thing he writes, that was after i opened a live chat and spoke to him and asked why he dont answer on skype.

    [2015-06-27 12:35:05] Tjena: whats happening?
    [2015-06-27 16:28:35] Neo-Gold Customer Support: Still nothing

    Some more screenshots after I accused him for scamming:

    and after provocing him and telling him that i'll report this scam to the local police he respond to me like this

    [16:14:12] Tjena: and also, not messaging back just proves everything to me
    [16:17:01] Neo-Gold Customer Support: lol
    [16:17:07] Neo-Gold Customer Support: Too much to read ^^
    [16:17:24] Tjena: You really can't be serious right now.. haha

    If anyone is interested in some more screenshots or have any wonders, leave me a pm or simply post below. Please share this thread with your friends so they dont have to go through this scam.

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    @Denizlitex, I'm sorry for your loss, but you needed to know that Neonart was banned a few time ago by scamming other people. Even if you had asked this once in the forum, for sure, any experienced member would have replied you!

    Next time, before make a big transaction like that (or even a small one) do a research into bot's forums about the member you'll buy the stuff!

    P.S.╣: I'll close it, cuz has nothing more we can do for you. If you got RK or some access to the account, so rook it. As you can't do a refund (because you did it by Bank Transfer), try at least to persuade him to give you access to it and then say you will send him more cash, then rook it bro. Else, it's over!

    P.S.▓: Also, as you live in europe like him, collect all the proof you have from him, and go to the Police specializing in Cyber Crimes, and show them that this guy is stealing people with his fake company, etc.


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