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Thread: Major Strikes For Mages 80+

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    Major Strikes For Mages 80+

    This action do the Strike/MajorStrikes on mages at 80+. It's very simple but functional.
    I made it because the setup on targeting is kinda boring to do when your script got more than 1 type of monster it also is more precise than label it at targeting so it makes the hunt more profitable.
    You just need to change the name of the strike at the action.
    I'm new at this so i'm open for more improvement like when you need to change the strikes between monsters. (Example: a vampire wich got more damage from fire to a water elemental wich gets more damage from energy.)
    So if anyone could help me out i'll be glad

    if ~= 0 and cancast("exori gran tera") and target.hppc > 20 then
    cast("exori gran tera")
    wait(300, 500)
    elseif ~= 0 and cancast("exori tera") then
    cast("exori tera")
    wait(300, 500)
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