Hey guys, i guess most of u wonder how to change hotkeys smoothly, so i decided to explain you, how im doing it.

First of all, make folder on your destkop for each hotkey group, in my case it's ed, rp, and ek.
Than turn on tibia, setup hotkeys for your character, close tibia.
And now, go my computer > your custom disc, C: in my case, --> Documents and Settings --> User Name(czubek in my case) --> Aplication Data(AppData in win7) --> Tibia(make shortcut of this folder and paste this somewhere on destkop)
There you will see Tibia.cfg file, Cut tibia.cfg file and Paste it to your folder with vocation (ek or ed or rp or ms), than turn tibia again, you will have clear hotkey list(your setting with hotkeys are now in folder of your vocation), setup hotkeys for another vocation, repeat previerous action again.

Now if you have all hotkeys you need saved in your folders, all u need to do is open Tibia folders from AppData and put there tibia.cfg from your vocation folder.

This will make botting a lot easier,