Purchase options

  • PagSeguro (Only Brazil)
  • Plimus(All Currency)


Register your account first in forum.

Upon purchasing iBot, you will charge your account which will let you use the bot without any restrictions on one computer at a time.

The designated computer can be changed once in a period of 7 days.
Multiple instances of the bot can be ran as long as it's on the same computer.

People caught sharing accounts or abusing the syste, will be deleted without warning or refund.


To use iBot you must purchase a license time.

You should buy the license using your forum's e-mail, this way you will be able to login using the same e-mail and password as you use in the forums.

Add 30 days in your account for iBot.
Add 90 days in your account for iBot.
Add 180 days in your account for iBot.

Forms of Payment